My name is Erik Sjöstrand1 and I work as a game design and programming teacher at the University of Skövde, Sweden. This is my personal blog, where I will blog about my interests: games, game development, music, programming and contract bridge.

In my spare time I sing and play electric mandolin in the punk rock band Idyllen. I’m also the president of Skövde Bridgeallians; the local bridge club where I live. I enjoy programming, mostly in Python and Emacs Lisp. Please checkout the bridge bidding practice site Correct Contract, or my other projects at GitHub.

This blog is created with Emacs using the amazing org-mode. Most of the text is set in Alegreya — except for code snippets and other monospace text, which is set in Cousine. Much of the typography — the use of sidenotes and sections separated by whitespace, starting the sentence with small caps — is inspired by Edward Tufte’s work.




Figure 1: Me playing with Idyllen in 2014